Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bad mood

I've not been a good mood the past week.. Dreading the meeting tomorrow because none of my team mates have been around to work on the assignment given by boss. I have something but it's pathetic.. This only shows how incompetent I am..

Because of the dreadful meeting I've been in a poor mood and wasn't able to enjoy cosfest. Vesak day was spent working on the costume and the bf came over too. I couldn't enjoy the process, just full of dread.

Yesterday was fine, I didn't cos and just followed the bf around helping to take care of the bags and stuff. 

Today I cosed and met the bf earlier to do his make up. Was already damn sian when I woke up because I couldn't get the meeting out of my head. Went all the way to pasir ris. After he changed, he realised that the number on his jersey was wrong. 

This was something which totally could have been avoided. I had offered to cut the numbers to stick on the jersey and being very bad with names, he told me that he wanted to cos the 'angry senpai who has a bone to pick with the protagonist'. My bad for picking up only the angry part and I assumed that it was that particular character with the number 10. Turned out he meant the number 11 character. Which was ironic cos when he was at my house on wednesday, I already pointed out that he has the wig for number 11 but he wanted to cos 'the angry one' which number 10 is known for. The miscom might have already started there and seriously fish this sh1t and next time just tell me the name like WTF. On friday after I told him I'm cutting out 10, he just told me ' i dont know' like wth he couldn't verify. What is with this attitude. I wasn't angry then neither was I that angry when we found out this afternoon, but I was trying to tell him that we could have totally avoided this.

He fishing raised his voice at me and told me to stop talking about it. DAMN ANGRY. Still got to fishing do his make up after that. 

Then yuhsuan told us the good news on whatssap, i'm very happy for you and very touched also :') But back to the actual situation. I told csy that F1 proposed already, not like someone who scolded me and I stormed off. Damn angry serious, like happy and angry at the same time. Then I went to the toilet to look at the whatssap chat and photos and cry for a while. 

I ignored the bf the whole afternoon. When leaving, I totally just tapped in the mrt without looking back because all the guy could say towards the end of the day was along the lines of 'go home' (he was going home for dinner). It's not the first time he does this (talk about going home very happily) and I always feel sian because it sounds like he's just thinking about going home when he's with me. Am I such bad company I really don't care already. Super sad and angry. I'm like crying as I type this post. If you look at the selfie he took with me in costume today, I totally gave a fake smile, like wth you just raised your voice at me 10 mins ago. Now you want to pretend nothing happen and take photo with me. Seriously. 

I know it's probably that damned presentation tomorrow and I will be ok after that. 

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Extra day of rest

Natsuhiko is very good looking. I wish his route was as good as his looks hahahaha completed all the routes and i've bought all the extra contents, will slowly enjoy. The extra stories are long and contain the final CG for each guy ^_^ very happy with the game on the whole. I was a the play store at vivo yesterday and saw norn9 on sale for only $38!!! that's like almost $20 cheaper than what I got it for.... Abit heart pain but nvm :D

We received a whole 1L bottle of fruit juice as part of the treats. I was too generous and gave it to the bf lol should have opened it and shared.

A great achievement in game... to get a 6 star double speed amour. The equally good news is that the secondary increments upon leveling up the amour went to speed, 3 times out of the total of 4. This is godly. Unfortunately my team is still not godly haha ////

Cosfest is coming, i'm super chill this time, only cosing 1 out of 2 days. My soccer pants arrived last week and OMG it looked so tiny. Amazingly it fits me just nice. Need to cut out some characters for the jersey and i'm good. Maybe think of something for the shoes too. Hope I wont look too skinny for a male character.

Had a great day out with the bf ytd. At first he made me so furious cos he took the yellow line from paya lebah, and went to the habour front direction. like dude!!!! you are not a foreigner! Cannot stand blurness seriously.

He was lucky we bumped into a friend working as a make up artiste at etude house and I bought the new lip tint at a huge discount. My friend very kindly offered to trim my eyebrow and while she was at it, gave me a make over too. In a super good mood after that hahaha. Bought a choker and a pair of spider earrings at $2.5 each. The choker is too long but I probably can shorten it myself. After that, can just get pendants to customise it! wooo~

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Another week flew by

Met up with teh YYYs on good friday for a long K session and we had yoguru featuring yz's $10 in mass yogurt on the right hahaha

I reluctantly agreed to be the vice president of the guild to help out with administrative stuff like opening the boss battle and purchasing of boosts when the head forget or isn't awake yet. I thought it would lessen the fun of the game with this additional job but so far still ok, and I kept stressing to my friends that it's purely administrative. Hope no politics come with this.  

Finished masamune's route and it was disappointing.. I find certain endings, even for the other guys, where they escape from the ship without meeting Aion to be rushed and not satisfying. Masamune seemed like the dependable and sensible type and obviously he would have a hidden side.. Unfortunately the contrast just wasn't there and it's not developed enough. Did not make me go kyaa

Ron....... his route was quite special and had a dark choice affection. Sugita's voice was unexpectedly nice, I was expecting to hear Gin san, which I still did, but totally different feels. The happy end still had a tinge of uncertainty. Nanami seemed to fall in love with him very suddenly, over a single sentence he said which touched her. I just feel that they were looking to each other for release and it was a matter of convenience and dependence. I didn't get to see Ron's face much throughout the whole route ahahaha. I chose those 2 screenshots cos of nanami's -_- expression at Ron's statement haha
I really love yoogane... second time eating it and it was with the bf this time. The chilli killed me even though I already asked for less spice. My ulcer wasn't helping either T_T the bf said I looked like I was suffering but noooooo I really like it, just that it was so spicy and my ulcer very pain. He perspired like mad while eating and kept reaching for the tissue to wipe his sweat... Guess he will not be agreeing to eat this again T_____________T Im sad

Thursday, 13 April 2017


My first time trying a foot mask-- it all started with the gudetama foot mask I bought in tw cos it was so cute. When I showed my mum, she exclaimed that her feet was so dry from all the walking and so was mine.. I grabbed these from sasa and they fit well. The smoothness did not last, sadly. Will also take photos of the gudetama one when I use it.

 FML ITsuki................. I cried for both his good and bad ends. Wasn't expecting much from his route cos he always appears at the back and seemed like just another character with an average story. He's a strange guy... flirty yet distant and contradictory. I was so touched at his letter in the good end, and his will to protect the heroine even when he was at death's door, but mostly the letter. The bad end T______T my poor baby was finally serious about something and putting in effort to pursue his happiness. T_T he tried so hard to make the heroine happy right till the end T__T alot of tears shed over him. 

Visited the JR cafe and received the Missha line lip balm! It's a light pink in colour so prob won't be too pigmented. Will look good with concealer on the lips first. 
Also couldn't resist getting this from miniso at $3.90 only. The design for Leo was cuter but only Capricorn's fragrance sat well with me. Small enough to bring about. I shall vary this with my etude house one.
 Welcoming my datiangou hooray! Drew this around 12midnight which is rumoured to have the highest SSR rate. It also makes sense mathematically, more ppl draw, higher turnover and SSRs get drawn faster. Anyways I'm very happy with him though I currently do not have good amour to give him and a good summon with average amour is just as bad as an R summon. Shall just stare at him and be happy

Just 10 minutes ago something came over me and I used all my tickets to summon-- the real time one. Was brainlessly releasing tickets and suddenly this came. I was already on a string of SRs and looked down at the vibration and saw the name !!! Forgot to take a screenshot at the moment though haha. Not going to complain that it's a repeat but anyone would have liked a different summon of course XD Will decide whether to feed her or keep her. More practical to feed, but keeping her makes my SSR stash look more impressive hahahahaha

Anyways... the main point of this post is about work.. Some little shit happened which involved the director of another department. I will be meeting the company together with this director and my middle boss to discuss some stuff. I have also been drawing data again and took so long to process cos my excel skills are terrible despite taking the course last year. I still owe my director and big boss some stuff. There isn't much things pending, but i'm owing important people work..

My director asked me to meet him for a short while this afternoon.. I figured it would be about the work I owe him or about the little shit which happened. Surprise! It was about my contract. Even after the meeting, I can't decide 100% if it's good or bad news..  probably good news lah. After considering all factors, the management decided that I'm the next in line to get a perm position. The perm posting that I am considered for is across the whole division and just happens that it is not at my current department. If I am keen, I will be transferred out and prob work for a bit more before they convert me. Ever since my contract got renewed last year, I had planned to look around and get a new job at another place or sth aka I have the choice to apply for what I want and the freedom to leave whenever. Now this takes me by surprise and I don't have a choice (take it or continue my current post with no conversion to perm, no idea when the next chance will come). The choice is clear lah, transferring is the better option. I just feel so unsure of myself and worried because it will be a completely new job scope, and I don't know how the culture is in that small team. I do know most of the people in the team including my potential new immediate boss because I have worked with them 2 years ago when rushing out the nightmare of an event. It's quite a social job and i think (?) need to organize events of various scales and purpose. Not desk bound I suppose

My current bosses are super nice and I have gotten used to the culture and am satisfied with it. A change could mean something similar, better, or worse. So much uncertainty (what even is the job scope LOL). The uncertainty is what's bothering me. If I leave and find myself not liking the new role.. what will I do? I can't turn back anymore once I'm there... Anyways this is just preliminary.. I am not transferring next month or anything. For now will just enjoy my pay rise and be glad that this opportunity has come :)

Thursday, 6 April 2017


It's been busy at work since I came back, big shit small shit, seems never ending and the week passes so fast i'm exhausted. Just hope to survive this shit, they always clear up, i just need to tough it out.

Some cosmetics I got in tw-- a flower colour changing lip jelly and a sponge tip lip/cheek tint. I've been using this combination everyday since I went back to work. 

The flower jelly is so smooth it almost feels like I'm applying nothing, it also doesn't stain my lips (good thing), unlike the reviews of the real kaijumei flower lipsticks. Tbh the flower in this also not very pretty lah, the testers were all in terrible conditions so I just anyhow took one shade without trying, the shade I took turns a generic pink XD The sponge tip tint is something I will never buy in Singapore cos this kind of applicator feels unhygienic.. always damp and you dab it everywhere? lolol anyways I bought one cos the pen was a holographic pink which looked very nice, I like the p[roduct colour too. Actually I really miss my etude house tint gloss which I just bought also, I'll probably go back to using it XD the pink and shimmer is one of the prettiest i've seen, but wonder how much glitter i'll eat if i use everyday, can be digested i hope.

Continued playing norn9, I can't bear to finish it...... so far only Heishi made me cry but the other routes aren't bad too. Itsuki will be my next guy, I'm finally at him :')

Just more rambling about tw. After much choosing around at a random anime shop, i was going to leave without buying any hxh stuff but the bf offered to get this for me. It's a phone stand and Killua's on the other side XDXD

Long story short, I saw these range of adorable gudetama x holika holika blush in the cosmetic shops in tw but there were no testers. I was searching online for the swatches and the first link was a shop in Q100 selling it for SGD$8.90 ??! I was still determined to spend my twd and buy it in tw, but the price in the official cosmetic shops equivalent of watson and guardian was around SGD$13 I think, so i hunted around in the non official stores (tw has alot of those) but couldn't find any. I stayed strong and only ordered it when I was back in SG. It came 4 days in the mail after payment ^__^

 The colour is sweet and a light dab with the sponge already picks up the colour. Only sad part is the sponge which is torn at one side. Then again, I don't even know if it's a free gift so I'll take it :)

Goodbye my old blush from etude house. The inside is gross so I won't show it here haha.

Last week April 1st was the 3 yr anniversary with the bf and he was very sweet to suggest that we go JB. It's the first time we went jb without attending any cosplay event. So it was purely for fun and shopping. The queue at the customs was shocking cos usually at that timing the hall should be less than half filled. It was only after I got home at night that my mum told me ppl queued for 9 hrs cos it was qing ming. I was like OHHH no wonder. We were considered lucky that it only took us 3 hrs to reach jb,

Anyways the plan was to sing Karaoke and have the karaoke lunch. We reached at noon, rushed to the karaoke place and sadly the slot ends at 2.30pm so I only had 2.5 hrs to sing. Not bad lah, but I sitll didn't manage to sing all the songs I wanted. Amazed at myself hhaha. After that we walked around the shops and wanted to go for an early dinner at tony romas. Maktub the waiter told us the kitchen had some problems and they weren't accepting guests, so we went to nandos instead. The food was soso only :X We didn't get gifts for each other cos the tw trip had just passed and that felt like a celebration already :D

Monday, 27 March 2017

Taiwan trip part 2

Continuing from previous post :D:D

Day 5: Danshui/Tamsui area! Took the red line all the way to the last stop which was Tamsui. Read online that the sakura had already withered :( but we still went to see see. Walking along the old street and went to bai bai at various temples, big and small. Then we took a bus to go Tian Yuan Gong. I fell asleep on the bus and the bf claimed that the stop was not announced. I was woken up at the terminal stop and the kind local commuter 'chided' us about missing our stop and made sure we got down at the right stop after the bus made a loop LOL.

As expected, the trees were bare =/ but it was still a beautiful sight. I can only imagine how stunning the place would look if the sakuras were in bloom, it would be extremely beautiful.
We had a late hotpot lunch and visited Shilin at night. Shilin night market offered different food from Fengchia night market and I ate so much XD most of the food photos are w the bf. Can see fb for more. 

Day6: Rilakuma cafe, Taipei 101 and Shida night market-- chapalan day
We last minute decided to visit the Daan forest park cos the red line train was full of posters about the Azalea festival.

Reached the rilakuma cafe and hour early from our booking and fortunately the cafe had free tables to take us in. Food was good!!

The bf wanted to visit the totoro shop near Taipei 101 so we took a bus down. The shop only sold merchandise, no food. It was fun looking at the studio ghibli things but too exp to buy OTL 

Shida night market was mainly for shopping but I didn't buy anything from there other than this caramel crepe. The shop owner was quite humorous so i'm dedicating this paragraph to him hahaha. Instead the bf and I went to this small supermarket and bought snacks and breakfast for the next day.

Day 7: Free day. As in we had nothing planned, just wanted to keep if free for souvenir shopping and rest our legs. Literally walked till my legs ache everyday, not kidding OTL. For lunch, we took a bus to the nearest ding tai feng cos 2 of my colleagues recommended to eat there. While getting down, the bf got kiapped by the bus door cos the driver was in a rush or sth. He managed to break free but I was stuck in the bus till the next stop HAHAHA we couldn't contact each other cos the wifi device was with me. Luckily the next stop was a straight road down, though quite far away. The driver was also apologetic and said aiya treat it as exercise. We managed to meet up in the end no problem hahaha it's funny though. Waited 20 mins to be seated. The food was delicious, though I don't think it was that much better than the ones in SG. The service was definitely better.

We went to the zhongshan book street and back to ximending after lunch. Settled early dinner at this risotto cafe cos there was a huge doggie inside. The doggie seemed sad :( The bf ordered this mint soda which looks alot like listerin LOL. Food was alright only.

We bought more souvenirs and some random things not found in SG/won't spend money buying in SG

Day 8: To the airport and back to SG.
We took the new airport line which was super convenient since it was at Taipei main station. I slept most of the way. I realised I had booked the wifi device for 7 days only, forgetting that the final day would be included in the cost as well.. So we had to pay $188twd for the 1 extra day of usage //// will be more careful next time haha Spent most of our coins on lunch at the airport food court. Had a final ramen, milk tea and some chicken popcorn and fried food. 

Before boarding the plane.. the bf and I launched the game for some final drawing. He used my phone and I used his. I was trying not to pay attention to what kind of cards he drew and he suddenly announced without not much excitement that I got this:
Amazing. This is the new SSR which was released maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago. I already know the bf has high SSR luck but this is still amazing XDXD 

So yeaaa my final gift from tw :DDDD trip ended on a good note. We both spent about half the amount we changed, got to visit all the planned places and eat lots of food. I didn't buy much clothes this time cos they were mainly long sleeved but it's ok~~ It was a fulfilling trip!

Taiwan trip part 1

Flew back from TW yesterday night! Back to work tomorrow. Briefly checked my email this morning and it's not too bad.. I still need to meet my big big boss cos he has some questions regarding my presentation. That will take at least an hour ahhhh better clear some work before meeting him.

Taiwan trip recount!!
These were the 2 apartments we stayed in. I was especially looking forward to the hello kitty theme room in Taichung and I love it! It's cosy and had a small selection of movies in addition to the usual channels. The only down side was that it was 50 mins away from the Taichung railway station and HSR, and the room walls are not sound proof and we had to be very careful not to be too loud when talking/moving about.

The Taipei room was bigger and the room walls were thick enough to talk louder hahaha. It's near Taipei main station which is the connecting station for many lines and was super convenient. No complaints about the location. The toilet was a little too damp for my liking near the shower curtains though. Both apartments had a washing machine and it was a life saver.

Day 1: We arrived at Taoyuan airport at 6am. Immigration took abit of time cos the officer didn't want to accept the address we filled in. I couldn't find the exact address on airbnb and finally the 2nd officer allowed us to write down the contact number of the apartment owner before letting us through. We collected our wifi device and bought a bus ticket to taichung. Because of the delay though, we had to rush within 5 mins to visit the toilet and buy breakfast to eat on the bus. 

Reached the Fengjia area around mid morning and stumbled around looking for the busstop to take a bus to the apartment. Saw our first sakura tree while stopping by a park. The weather was cooling but I was still sweating inside my jacket T_T  3pm was the official check in time which was a long way off but thankfully the owner allowed us to put our luggage at the room before noon. The previous person had just checked out and the room was not tidied yet. We continued walking around but by 2pm our legs were aching so much that we just thicken our face and went back to the apartment to rest ahaha. 

Went to Fengjia night market from evening on and ate lots of good stuff. 

Day 2: Alishan day! We woke up at 6am to take a bus to catch our pre-booked HSR train to chiayi. This was where we found out that taichung railway station =/= taichung HSR station which was at Xin Wuri railway station (2 stations away from taichung railway station) anyways managed to reach the HSR station and secure our seats to Chiayi.

Alishan was breathtaking. Not all the sakura trees were in bloom but still really beautiful.The public bus ride from Chiayi HSR up to the mountain took so long we only reached at noon. Alishan was quite crowded and a lot of climbing to do. No food to buy once you leave the visitor center area and the bf got moody cos we only had the donuts and pastries -_- he wanted to buy more food before walking around but I said no cos I felt that those were sufficient -__- if not enough then you tell me and go buy lah.. I'm not the one who needs more food so of course I said no need.

The public bus back was sold out when we tried to make a purchase around 2+pm...... No choice but to take the next available group taxi at 430pm at a slightly higher price of $300twd/pax to the railway station. Next time should buy the return bus ticket the moment we reach. 

We had another small argument cos we wanted to check the train timings but had no idea if the Chiayi railway station was at the Chiayi HSR station, and the internet gave no clues, neither did the 7-11 staff. And the bf just couldn't understand what I was getting at urgh. It sucks to be too detailed in my planning sometimes. In the end bo bian got to go with the flow and see how. Our taxi driver drove fast and furiously and we reached Chiayi railway station at 6+pm. Infact, if we had taken the public bus we might have reached around the same time or even later. Might even miss the last HSR train back to taichung if that was the case. Blessing in disguise ohoho. The railway staff confirmed my suspicion that the chiayi HSR station was not at the railway station and we took a free 20 min shuttle there. Bought a railway bento and enjoyed it on the HSR ride back to Taichung ^__^ 

Another hour's bus ride from Taichung station to our apartment. Reached home super tired that night OTL way too much travelling, I would suggest staying at Chiayi or Alishan itself if visiting Alishan

Day3: Onward to Taipei! It was noticeably colder in Taipei and windier. The apartment owner was even more power and was able to tidy the room for our check in the moment we reached. Spent the rest of the day walking around the underground mall and ximending at night. The bf got slightly moody again cos ximending obviously was not a night market and didn't have alot of xiao chi 

Day 4: Jiufen Shifen Pingxi area. Took the mrt to zhongxiao fuxing to take the bus up to Jiufen. Took some walking to find the bus stop and there was already a queue. There was no indication of when the bus would arrive so in the end we got convinced by a taxi uncle to join another group of japanese tourists in his car, at $350twd for 2 pax (I bargained from $400) ahaha he was quite chatty and though the view might not be as scenic as the public bus route, we did drive through the market in the town near Jiufen. The japanese tourists were exclaiming at the beautiful cherry tomatoes (me too, but it was a silent exclamation in my heart) and to our delight, the taxi uncle stopped the car, signaled to his friend tending the shop to bring a big bag of cherry tomatoes. He gave us a bag of the tomatoes!!! omg they tasted super good and looked amazing. So happy we decided to take the taxi ahahaha

We reached Jiufen in good time and it just was as I remembered, damp narrow and winding street with stalls on both sides. I enjoyed the food and view!

Took a public bus to ruifang station and stopped by hou tong which was the famous cat village. Everything was cat theme and the decorations were so cute XDXD

Really alot of cats and some of them may come up to you to manja. Look at this cute paw XDXD 

We took the same train to shifen next and when there of course must buy a tian deng right hahaha we didn't know we could write on all 4 sides and were struggling to think of what to write by the 3rd side. One side was even dedicated to our game-- wishing to draw for SSR and we drew some pictorial representations of each of the SSRs LOL the drawing was done using a calligraphy brush and I felt like I was wearing the ny hongzi and doing hui chun again HAHA anyways we wrote really silly stuff and drew alot, totally not the usual tian deng you'll see with pretty chinese characters. 

Our tian deng-- flying up and away :)))))
We left while the day was still bright and went back to zhongxiao dunhua to check out the one piece cafe. The food was so-so nia hahaha the bf says it's cos I was biased and didn't like one piece -shrug-

Super long post... to be continued!