Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Happy mama day! Ordered flower delivery again. She loves it XD

100% enjoyed the food at the boiler. Not too far of a walk from t@iseng MRT. Definitely will bring my mum there soon. maybe in july during her bday XD

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Eye candy

Some major drama in the game where the players found out that the company was lying about the card rates. Hope the game survives cos I do want to continue playing. Cashed and I got many other cards, showing my fave 2 here. I guess I really like seeing them frown. Swear the game knows who are my  fave cos I got close to none of their cards

Meanwhile here’s a photo of  my real life SSR hahahahaha

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Unit selection success! 

Game released new chapters and decreased the tediousness. Very timely as I was going to stop grinding already.

Monday, 16 April 2018


I was abit lazy to post ahaha
Update on my tomato plant.. I’ve snipped off a few branches to keep just 1. It still looks the same, slow progress.

Bought my gon shirt from uniqlo and very happy with it. Displaying the awesome bag on my piano now
Some food from work

Went to gbtb on the last day of the Sakura festival and stepped into the flower field hall for the first time. I’ve always wanted to hold an event there but too exp le.. company can’t afford it sadded. The lights are the best part I love them

Obligatory flower shots hahha ok lah they were pretty


Went to jb the past weekend to sing Cos I was sick during our actual anniversary and couldnt go (good thing we didn't cos it was also qing ming). The journey to get to and past both customs was crazy as usual.. we always seem to queue at the slowest counter not kidding. Anyways had my gongcha though they didn’t have golden ovaltine, I settled for the popcorn chocolate smoothie which was so nice. Main purpose at jb was to sing and it’s so cheap! About 90rm for 2 meals and drink plus 3 hours of singing. We were given a big ass room with a toilet inside Cos they had no other rooms available... super shiok and quite lucky for us XD
After singing we shopped around where the bf bought over rm100 of groceries and we had dinner. Got home the earliest ever — close to 9pm. It was a great trip 

My only new card in game since the last post.. I wonder how long more I can keep up with the grinding to get in game money 

Monday, 26 March 2018

Another happening week

Long post.. I took leave today to rest after the band concert but to my horror, I'm falling sick............ Might be the rainy weather and that yoogane session on saturday night..... My throat felt funny since ytd morning.

Starting things off with my game as usual, Exchanged shards for these 2 cards but I've not gotten down to leveling them up yet. Some of the awaken changes are disappointing, and look even worse than the original card.

These are 2 existing cards which I awakened. Really like the xumo one with the super realistic cotton candy. His face is my current profile picture in the game. Such a nice gentle smile. The vday baiqi card has a strange pinkish 'romantic' hue to it but still ok bah. 

Left card is the new SR from my 2nd 10x roll in a long time.. The 1st 10x draw gave me a repeat lzy angery! Saved up really long to accumulate more than 3k gems so I will still have a good amount remaining after a 10x draw. This is so I have enough gems (without spending real $) to participate in events which pop up randomly. Also used all my drawing flower tokens to exchange for a lzy SSR. Of course he's not my fave guy but i'm super practical and chose the card which best suits my needs. I already have 2 zql SSRs, and a xumo one coming up, and lots of baiqi SRs. Thus the lzy SSR was the best choice. Will start training the SSR   

The game was nice enough to give a beautiful xumo SSR for free to all players after 12 days of logging in. He's quite easy to awaken too. Happy ^^ not so happy was after I finally got enough materials to awaken my zql SSR. I had no idea how the picture would transform and got a shock when I saw the fish out of water -_- Girl looks shocked and fat too lol nvm. Chose this SSR to awaken purely for it's stats. 

Band concert was yesterday, 5pm on sunday. Our concert playing was not our best but it was the experience that mattered the most. I only knew on Sat that it was going to be prof's final concert with Nu$w$... Got quite emo during the prac but I didn't burst out crying like last time when his health was bad and he spoke about his operation. But when writing the card to him on sunday morning, I just started crying :(((( really respect my prof so much. He has always been so patient with every band, remembers all his members's names and his experience shows in his song choices and music interpretation. He's already close to 80 but still so active and working hard with everyone... 
Photo with my section.. Really grateful to them for sticking around for the past 3 months. It really takes commitment to come for pracs especially when we all haven't been playing for so long. At first I thought the section was going to fall apart when people started pulling out, but this final number is a good balance. I performed on the tenor for the first time in my life. It was a solo and I really had to take charge of my playing. Musically, not as bad as expected. Though I sing all my tunes in solfage and thus could no longer play on intuition, I was soon able to ignore the pitch difference and find the tenor tune. Of course unlike the alto, I can't play by ear on the tenor (for now) and the weight of the instrument throws me off. Overall I think I did alright with the adjustment. Now I have a lower activation energy to play tenor and can definitely take it on if needed next time.  

The bf said it was our anniversary gift and passed it to me a week early. My own badass looking tomato planting kit. Started planting today. Seeds require warmth and water (?? I cant remember my p6 science) to germinate... but today quite cold leh. Hope it's a success! And I get to harvest my cherry tomatoes in a few months time. Will take photos of its progress

My new deco at my table. Since the baby breaths were doing very well even when dry, I brought the vday bouquet without the roses to  display in office.

This was 2 fridays ago.. After my course and the meeting in office, I met Evans to go to MBS carnival. Not there for the rides.. Just to see see look look. The food was good! 

That's it for the past week.. I must not fall sick cos my sats are finally free from pracs and it's the anniversary with the bf.. We wanted to go msia to sing k (mostly just me singing) and I can't sing properly or eat good food if sick :(((((

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Draining work planning week

Work was at its peak last week.. Though things are supposed to look better this week, it hasn't quite because new things keep coming in. I think my colleague will die of fatigue if this goes on. Am on course today and tomorrow but will return to office in the afternoon tmr for a meeting. I need to buck up cos my standard still very far from my colleague and I think it's draining her T___T she keeps saying i'm amazing but she is the amazing one please... 

Spotted my mao mao on sale at chinatown

Rest of my week in cards, mostly pieced together using fragments, no luck with new SSRs recently.

Special mention for the lzy event which ended and my calculations were just right to get the card. Awakened him pretty soon :D

So lovely

Of course I bought tickets. I think I got the best seats for cat2 cos I was so fast. Luckily I follow his official fb account and the notification was the first thing I saw when I went on fb after work. This is probably all I'll spend on concerts this year. First time i'm spending on mandarin pop concerts too XD