Sunday, 16 July 2017

Why is time passing so quickly

Helped out with my department audit awareness activity last week. I might be dealing with more of such things in the future as part of my actual work ohoho will share more+ the drama involved when confirmed

More photos of danbo~~

** not a proposal** Went to watch Spiderman with the bf yesterday at Sunt3c. We were walking around la t3ndo before the movie and I spotted this CCS ring for sale! It was quite high up behind the glass panel so I would totally have missed it if the bf didn't ask me to look at the bracelet beside it. This ring and I have a history... I first saw my friend wear it last year/early this year and was already quite smitten, but didn't take any action. Many months later I saw another friend do a live unboxing of her CCS merchandise which included this ring. I couldn't resist anymore-- tried to find it on amiami but as expected, it was out of stock. I even created an account to track the availability. Didn't have high hopes cos the launch was a long time back and they don't always manufacture again.
So I was very happy to see it at the shop! The bf wasn't very taken with the ring, he liked the bracelet more but no lah, the bracelet has no place in my heart. I made a swift decision and bought it before rushing to the cinema XD The movie was alright for me, could have been less draggy but the bf was disappointed because he felt that Spiderman relied too much on the suit lol.
The week just flew by, not just weekends. So scary...

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Photo heavy

I promise I'll stop buying lip products in the next 3 months. May not seem like alot but this is more than half of all my make up stuff already.. These glosses were too cute and cheap to resist. The colour payoff is not bad.
Enjoying my amnesia game.. Kent's route is the most romantic so far. Shin's was thrilling, Ikki's was..... I dunno how to describe but not the typical romance. Hahahaha when I first saw this CG, I totally thought Kent looked like an earthworm. On to his bad route and I can start on Toma!

Some mandatory food pictures.. The company had the annual carnival and I tried this thingy called the "dragon's breath" which was sweet and disappears into white gas when chewed on. Was totally smoking out of my nose and mouth when I ate it. Very strange sensation. 

Went to night safari with the bf and his mum and sis yesterday. Had lunch at his place and his mum made sushi! Looked amazing and very yummy also. Have I mentioned that his mum and sisters are very friendly, and the big sis always offers to pay for our food when we eat out together. 

It was our first time at night safari and we had no idea what to expect. The queue was insane lol!! All the tourists were waiting at the gate before it opens at 5.30pm and they rushed in to the ticketing counter to book the tram ride (I think). Anyways was super confused cos I thought I needed to get tickets too. Luckily the corporate pass = member and we could even enter by the member lane. We got on the tram and went for a ride around the safari which took about 40 mins. Then queued for the creatures of the night show which was quite entertaining. Alas the bf is totally not a night person, he got a little grumpy towards the end and could sense his eagerness to get home hahaha. That's what he gets for waking before 7am (by choice) everyday even when there's no work :/

Met the bf in the afternoon today as he was the photog for a shoot and I was so excited because our danbos have finally arrived!!! It was such a long wait OTL had to use sea ship cos the item contains batteries. I bought the plain and orange one while the bf got the amazon one.
 The eyes light up!!!
Hehehe while the cosers got ready, we played with the danbos. I was my usual self aka not especially good at photography and I couldn't do the cuteness justice hahaha

 Ending with a melancholy photo cos monday is coming... hahah

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Caught in the train breakdown but still a good day

I was ridiculously caught in the EW line train disruption yesterday.. Maktub, all because I was going out for dinner and not home. Ended work at an old folk's SAC at bu0na v1st@. If I were going home, I would have taken a straight bus and perhaps avoided it all. But I was planning to go l@ke s1de to wait for the bf. Got on the 2nd train finally but we were all evicted at clement1 station which was like 80% packed. If I were going home, again I could have left and end of story. But no, I was going to minimally Jur0ng E@st. Couldn't squeeze on 3 of the trains and when it was finally my turn to board next, the train dumped all the passengers at Clement1 again -____- When I finally reached JE, the bf who ended work late was already there. 

I also had a slight headache when I got home around 9+

Despite all these, it instantly became a great day because of this:
Finally another SSR after about 2 months. And it's a pretty one, support class :D There's also this event going on where you are entitled to a reward if you draw an SSR you don't already have. Cant wait to see what the reward is XDXD

And because she is a support class, I have good HP amour which is just what she needs. If she were another attacker class, she would need to be sidelined, like my da tian gou because my attack amour are all used by other characters. There's never enough attack amour, sadly.

Also yesterday, my friend helped me take part in the daily kirin kill and whatever little damage I did earned me a 6* slot 6 bao ji amour. This is my very first 6* baoji :D previously I only had 5* ones XD too bad it's not double bao ji but this is good enough! It was a very good day in game ^^

I had cotton candy during lunch the past week :D and here's a photo of the PC game I mentioned. It's.... not what I expected, mysterious and occasionally thrilling and... just a different background art style. The CGs are nice still. I'm on my second guy! Missing a CG for Shin.. will google to find out how to get it. 

Monday, 26 June 2017


I did so much online shopping this month XDXD clothes, accessories, figurines, games..

First there was the ezbuy free agent fee and shipping discount promotion and my mum had some clothes to buy.. I started browsing random items myself and bough stuff too... some clothes, 2 rings (cos buy 1 free one) and 3 danbo figurines (so excited!). The clothes and accessories cost below $15 in total. Really cheap.

I was also randomly browsing Q100 (what's that app's name?) and spotted the tony moly bunny coloured lip balms on sale for only $0.50 each???!! I saw that there were only 2 left and added 2 to my cart but when checking out, I realised that the shipping cost $3.90..... I hesitated and the item was sold. Took it as a sign and decided not to buy. Later that day I was out gai gai-ing and saw that the shop retail price is $9+..  Over the next few days I kept checking back, waited and waited until I saw them on sale again at $0.99. This time I quickly grabbed 2 :X will show how cute they are when they arrive. In the few days of checking back, I also bought another dress on discount from a store. Waiting for the dress to come..... if it's good, I can actually get more work clothes from there hehe... 

Online shopping is so convenient and addictive.. Maybe not so good for clothes cos cant feel and try the size but worth a gamble now and then. Promised myself I will uninstall the apps after my items arrive and I complete my reviews.. but really happy and excited everyday to see updates on the delivery process.

*** NOT A PROPOSAL*** The first batch of tb items arrived yesterday and I love these 2 rings!  Though it was a wrong order for the 2nd ring, I wanted another design but I guess my comments made it look like I wanted the same design but in another texture. I told the bf and he immediately said that's cos one is for him. Ok lor he want then give him lor. S size ring, luckily it's adjustable. The little paw prints inside also very cute. About $2+ each.

Last friday I bought my first ever steam game from the summer sales ohoho.. I was just discussing with a friend about Steam games we have our eyes on. Then when the sale started she sent me a link to my game which was on sale for only $2.90???!!! I ignored the state of my laptop and just bought it on that day. Again.. so convenient *_* I've started playing and realised it's not too bad playing on my PC after all, now that I have my big television screen it's even better than before. Ohno.... I've opened up another gaming platform. Now I can play on my vita, pc and handphone. How fulfilling~~~~ XD

Some food photos yum yum
 From marche at raffles city.

Nice cafe at the corner of west gate. Specially brought the bf there after visiting once with another friend. The next YYYs outing we can go there~

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Busy May and June

Been quite busy since the start of June, I only posted the previous entry today.

Thought I should mention that the bf's birthday was on the week of the wedding and I gave him a pair of PC glasses which he planned to get. He seems really busy at work but that's definitely better than nuaing at his previous work place and not getting paid on time XD We wanted to eat xlb buffet and I didn't think to book cos it was a tuesday night and I didn't expect it to be crowded. Alas it was full by the time we went..... we happened to see hoshino coffee so dined there instead.

Mum was also not in SG during the last week of May (I didnt follow her to msia cos of the wedding) and I mostly dabaoed back but cooked maggie mee with egg and cheese one of the days. It looks better than it tastes :( I need to cook more.

Period cube got released in english shortly after I completed norn 9 and the bf bought me a copy. It's okay... but pales so much compared to norn9...... the art and music are not bad but plot wise...... sigh. I finished 2 characters so far, not much motivation to move on to the other guys

As May was a busy month, I pushed all my appointments to June and these are some of the food i've had. Met with my lab mates and we initially wanted Fisn & co but the queue was crazy even at 730. We took a risk and went to this cafe below the HDB, from a search online. Luckily it was open and the mains were not bad! The blue velvet waffle was especially yummy... so smooth yet chewy and fragrant. Also, I finally tried Let's Meat Up at PS and it was good! Will go back again. 

Relatives from msia also visited and I took 1 day leave to clean up the house on the day they arrived. Did so much shopping those few days, and switched on the aircons in the house. I couldn't sleep well though, it was too cold. 

Had some quarrels with the bf recently over the game and some misunderstandings but he is much better than before at saying sorry. Sometimes I think I also nitpick too much but honestly I dont pick a fight over nothing... If I feel so upset, it is always in reaction to something he did and I will assess how serious it is before flaring or bringing it up. One good thing is that he doesn't carry forward unhappiness to the next day (but I do) so it makes it easier for me to move on.

Sunday, 28 May 2017


This is a super duper late post, had it saved as draft for such a long time.. I wish the blogger app was more stable then I'll be able to type the post together with uploading the photos without the app crashing..

Oh yea an update on the gudetama foot mask, it's very cute but not any better than the one I bought at sasa XD will not repurchase for my own use, but quite cute as a gift.

Because this post is so late, I have to squeeze in the part for the prep too haha we came up with the backbone for the games all in 1 night using google doc then just improved from there during our one and only meet up at HY's house. The best part of the meet up was drawing this board ahaha (though the crown dropped off on the actual day cos the board kept dropping and the hot glue couldn't hold the crown's weight after the repeated impact. Was quite tired during the prep meeting but we managed to get most of the game items yea!

Wedding day itself! I woke up at 4ish and did my usual make up and went downstairs to wait for the cab which was pre booked. Imagine my horror when I saw that the cab was at changi airport when it was 5 mins away from the booking time. The uncle was also quite apologetic and luckily the rest of the YYYs all stay in the west, if not definitely late le.. It was also yz's birthday happy birthday again yz!!!!
Anyways the time waiting for the groom and his bros to arrive just zoomed by. They were quite cheeky to send a representative up from the lift where we were all waiting while the rest came up from another lift and tried to get in. !!!! so bad.. The games went okay, we video called YF during most of the games. The guys perspired like crazy, I actually felt bad. We had a short AAR and know what to change for the next wedding le HAHA

After the games, YQ and I followed the couple to the CK's place for the tea ceremony where we drove past my house area and to my surprise, he stays at the same condo I had 2 of my love live dance videos shoots at! hahaha what a coincidence. Then we went back to YF's house for tea ceremony 2nd round before going to the banquet place. Totally knocked out in the car hahaha abit paiseh to the driver Kelvin. I actually brought another dress to change into but decided against it cos the table and chair covers are the same colour and texture LOL what are the chances. The bf met Jackson on the way over and came together, less awkward than during the NYGH shoot XD

YF looked so beautiful in her wedding gowns, figure very good!!! And her speech almost made me cry, i think the bf also (he cries more than me during movies usually) lolol I'm impressed by the banquet management, the coordination and service is one of the best I've seen. The lunch banquet also ended on time! Amazing, usually will end quite late and drag on but this was just nice, I'm impressed again. It's just too bad we didn't have more photos together, the whole YYY group.

After that, I forced myself to hang out with the bf at vivo until 8+ pm before going home to zzz. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bad mood

I've not been a good mood the past week.. Dreading the meeting tomorrow because none of my team mates have been around to work on the assignment given by boss. I have something but it's pathetic.. This only shows how incompetent I am..

Because of the dreadful meeting I've been in a poor mood and wasn't able to enjoy cosfest. Vesak day was spent working on the costume and the bf came over too. I couldn't enjoy the process, just full of dread.

Yesterday was fine, I didn't cos and just followed the bf around helping to take care of the bags and stuff. 

Today I cosed and met the bf earlier to do his make up. Was already damn sian when I woke up because I couldn't get the meeting out of my head. Went all the way to pasir ris. After he changed, he realised that the number on his jersey was wrong. 

This was something which totally could have been avoided. I had offered to cut the numbers to stick on the jersey and being very bad with names, he told me that he wanted to cos the 'angry senpai who has a bone to pick with the protagonist'. My bad for picking up only the angry part and I assumed that it was that particular character with the number 10. Turned out he meant the number 11 character. Which was ironic cos when he was at my house on wednesday, I already pointed out that he has the wig for number 11 but he wanted to cos 'the angry one' which number 10 is known for. The miscom might have already started there and seriously fish this sh1t and next time just tell me the name like WTF. On friday after I told him I'm cutting out 10, he just told me ' i dont know' like wth he couldn't verify. What is with this attitude. I wasn't angry then neither was I that angry when we found out this afternoon, but I was trying to tell him that we could have totally avoided this.

He fishing raised his voice at me and told me to stop talking about it. DAMN ANGRY. Still got to fishing do his make up after that. 

Then yuhsuan told us the good news on whatssap, i'm very happy for you and very touched also :') But back to the actual situation. I told csy that F1 proposed already, not like someone who scolded me and I stormed off. Damn angry serious, like happy and angry at the same time. Then I went to the toilet to look at the whatssap chat and photos and cry for a while. 

I ignored the bf the whole afternoon. When leaving, I totally just tapped in the mrt without looking back because all the guy could say towards the end of the day was along the lines of 'go home' (he was going home for dinner). It's not the first time he does this (talk about going home very happily) and I always feel sian because it sounds like he's just thinking about going home when he's with me. Am I such bad company I really don't care already. Super sad and angry. I'm like crying as I type this post. If you look at the selfie he took with me in costume today, I totally gave a fake smile, like wth you just raised your voice at me 10 mins ago. Now you want to pretend nothing happen and take photo with me. Seriously. 

I know it's probably that damned presentation tomorrow and I will be ok after that.