Saturday, 28 October 2017

End October

This was from last last week where I went with the bf to search for cloth at Bug1s and Chinat0wn. Super sunny day I probably became darker. We've been trying our hand at the kino shounen jump gacha, I was aiming for Gon, Jotaro and Yusuke (out of respect to Togashi) Tried a total of 3 times over 2 days and Not bad sia.. we got Yusuke and Jotaro! and Gin san which the bf took. Decided to stop short of my Gon inc case we got the niku guy which nobody wants haha

From last saturday where the bf dragged me to s3ngkang for the gundam fair. He bought these for me cos they were so cute, can display during CNY. Very easy to fix! 

Jap@n food fair with the bf and friends yesterday. Walked so much again and had so much alcohol samples. Legs were aching and in the middle of the afternoon I ran out of stamina, we chilled at the foodcourt where I took a short nap. Must be the alcohol also.

Anyways I've been transiting more to the new department the past week and gone are my go home at 530pm days. The colleagues at the new dept come to work and leave later, sometimes got to match with the director's timings and they definitely dont end work so early. I've taken to waking up 20mins later and mentally convincing myself that my end work time is after 6. No bitterness at all, other than the 2 days where I left at 7+. It's damn depressing to come to work at 8 and leave so late where the sky is dark and feel so hungry, with this amount of pay. But more importantly, I was irrirated those 2 times due to the kind of thing I was staying back for, literally sitting beside my colleague to look through her slides together again and again, and crafting the email containing the slides for directors to clear, it's not even an actual submission. omg just typing about it makes me start to boil. This kind of peanuts also spend so much time, productiveness can definitely be improved.

That aside, everything is going well for now and I know how to protect myself. I'm willing to put in the time and effort but they should be spent on meaningful things and not be overly OCD over the smaller stuff. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Feels good

I will officially start to double hat at the new department tomorrow, though unofficially I’ve staryed attending their meetings and doing some simple tasks since last month. Things will get busy!! But it will be fulfilling! Must remain positive :))) Moving to level 6 in nov

G@me st@rt this weekend and I did a simple cos with the bf wheee my first cos in a long while and also my 2nd cos this year (probably last?)

One of the few male characters I can pull off properly, cos of the jacket. But no one recognizes him unless i'm paired with the bf's character. Overall satisfied with my make up yesterday which stayed up pretty well.

This SSR draw dates back to a few days after my previous post wahahah I saw a lot of SSRs being drawn in my channel and I tried my luck,drew about 5 tickets one by one before this came! So glad it's her and not a repeat. My chance of getting a repeat is much higher now since I have collected more SSRs. This is also the SSR that the bf was eyeing :X XD

She's really strong! But I don't have the best amour for her.. what a pity.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Saved as draft again

Hihi guys long time no post again, just gonna compile all my accumulated photos
Bought myself this new toy which took about 2 weeks to ship from japan and it has brought me alot of joy. Send me your song requests! I can play them badly. Also finished stardust crusaders and laughed so much. I still found the front part disgusting but it gets much better.

After walking past the physical item countless times, I finally saw a sale online and  bought these ice cream tints. No regrets. Went to JB 2 weeks ago with the bf and his friend cos the bf wanted to buy moon cakes. As usual we had good food and went singing too. 

I fell sick!!! (now recover le) but was down with sore throat, fever and flu, so bad that I had to take MC. Still coughing a little even after a week.

Met up with the YYYs including Janice and Proctor. Hahaha we forgot to take a group photo though.. when will be the next chance.,...... hope proctor had a good dinner that night.

I probably should mention, I downloaded mystic messenger and completed the V route. It was a tough time cos I was so busy with work and fell sick, I was quite out of the game for the whole 11 days. The route was also not as engaging as expected... perhaps I'm not that interested in V to begin with but I did try to fall for him! Thought I would have a bad end, since the party was cancelled -__- I must have achieved too low a completion rate for too many days.. Surprised that I got the good end still, though since the party was cancelled, I couldn't get the hour glass from the guest invites. Will leave that for next time....... if I still bother. (saeran route, I'm sure will come) 

That aside, just the past friday, I deleted mystic messenger to make space for YYS again. Cannot resist lah.. it's the anniversary event and they're increasing the SSR drop rate to 3%, until you draw max 3 SSRs. My friend was still diligently helping the bf and I farm tickets after we stopped playing-- that's about a month! imagine juggling her many accounts including ours T___T I'm so touched. Cos of this event, I met with her on friday and used her device to log into my account to draw. The first draw got me the SSR I wanted-- the over-powered one: 
There was a hype when she was first released and I have also experienced her poison before. She is a beauty and so strong! And she came in my first round of 10 draws before starting dinner. Hahaha the increased drop rate is real. I subsequently drew 2 more SSRs after dinner but those were repeats. Lucky for me, there's another anniversary event to exchange SSRs, can select from a list of 6. This brings me to the next SSR I was after and managed to obtain on friday:
A handsome support class SSR with a lovely voice. I was interested in him but never really tried for him until the new skin came out which matches my huang (see top row left most) so well. Match made in heaven sia and they both have dragons! Wahaha the game sure knows how to stir emotions and create ships. So yeaaa I was super happy that day and decided to download the game again and at least train up my new babies. 

Over dinner, the friend and I also logged into the bf's account to help him draw. He didn't get the latest SSR which he was aiming for nor the beautiful overpowered one which I drew. But he did trade a repeat and got another SSR he was interested in and drew a new SSR which he was quite interested in. Today I saw that he downloaded the game le. Hahaha we are all back playing.  

Ytd the bf came over and fixed up this little dresser which I ordered from tb. Cost bout $11 in all and came in planks and screws which I had to assemble myself. It would have taken me a whole lot longer and head scratching without his help. The package even comes with a screw driver,l i'm so impressed. Not so impressed initially cos they sent the wrong order though.. I wanted the design with no mirror and wider drawers. Instead they sent the design which includes a mirror which is utterly useless cos I already have a huge mirror behind. It all turned out well though I just removed the mirror portion and made use of the empty space to put more stuff, which might not have fit in the drawers if I had gotten my actual order. I love the end product :D the wood is smooth, well cut and seems quite sturdy, i'm extremely happy with the buy :)) The size is just right too, and can hold all my existing stuff with room to spare. My mirror area is much neater and spacious now. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

I miss cosplaying......

Cooked together with the bf for the 2nd time and we made this. Try some stir frying next time

More good food yum yum

And more green bean merchandise

I've drastically cut down on cosplays this year, the first and only time was during cosfest. Basically no more events le cos I'll be overseas during AFA! I thought to myself at the start of the year that I was just going to quietly retire but I really miss cosing.... T__T Felt it especially strongly this afternoon when I was doing my make up to attend chara expo. 

Finding another series that I am passionate about also added feels-- binge watched Diamond is Unbreakable and I LOVE IT! So does the bf and we have already shortlisted some characters to cos lol. I'm re-watching stardust crusaders atm. Another friend also jioed to cos Kurapika. He was in one of my initial cosplans, I even bought his chains and wig but the plan never came to life because me being me, I don't form teams but wait for ppl to jio hahaha this wait for the Kurapika jio took... more than 6 years??! omg Anyways now my costume has arrived and all that's left is to trim the wig and prepare the shoes, and wait for my team to be ready.  
"Mao mao! The condition I set is that you must remain fluffy!"

So yea long story short is that I picked up some plans the past month, really looking forward to them! Shall not spend too much time on props and just focus on looking good. I think that's a reasonable goal to set myself without stressing out too much. Gone are the days I chiong props and costumes. I hope.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Long weekend

I've completed the game... Yanagi's route fell short of expectations but I'm still very happy with the game overall :) My major disappointment was that the final route didn't use the ending song I had grown to love.... and youtube doesn't have that song??!! No matter how I searched. How am I going to listen to it in the future T__T cant be using my PSV all the time right.. Really too bad.......

These macaroons are awesome, especially the blue pink popcorn flavoured one. Will buy again :D I also watched jojo movie last week, before the screening stopped. LOVED IT omg the actors are great and I was very taken with Josuke's actor, his chubby cheeks ahhhhhhhhhh

I yoloed and joined some colleagues for singing after work on tuesday. It was a pub style where we sang in a hall with other tables. Only need to pay for drinks. It was a tuesday night so there was only one other table, and another group mainly playing darts. I sang till suuuuper shiok. At first was abit paiseh cos everyone could hear my singing but I'm quite thick skin when it comes to singing and the place was dark so I got over it after the 2nd song. I sang so much that day, don't need to sing for the rest of the year already. The colleague who jioed me asked his big boss along and at first we were all very ke qi but as the night went on, she got so high and I ended up as her jukebox. Keep saying last song last song but she'll go and dian more songs.... We even made friends with the nice jie jie from the other table who complimented my singing and invited me to go on mon+thurs where there's a live band and can perform sets with them ///// I think this is the closest I can get to becoming a singer hahaha

We only left at 12+ and there's work the next day. My mum was super mad but I just told her my boss likes my singing and didn't want to leave so we all couldn't leave LOL awesome experience but i'd rather not go so often.. or at least limit to fridays only hehe

Ramen at holland V. Yay for long weekend! I slept my friday away, hope can sleep at night

Friday, 25 August 2017

I turned down friday night KTV for this game

cos I was looking forward to spending quality time on the game and the invitation was last minute.. But seriously the game makes me look forward to going home instead of heading out after work. As you can tell, I brought it out with me to play while helping for shoots too haha. Not mentioning the title but spoilers ahead...

There's a recommended playing order but I followed my instincts (or rather I purposely chose the other option for the first few guys just to see what would happen) and got Kei on my first try. His first name is Okazaki and I could only think about the Okazaki fragments lolol do you all still remember bio. Anyways I really enjoyed his route, fell quite hard for him. And Kaji yuki sounded really smooth omg he already has a smooth voice but it's so light and playful here, none of that Eren angst/princey Kakeru, I've never liked his voice more.

It was my first play through and I didn't know the shooting part had a timing set to it. Kept dying and dying which was troubling cos I thought I made all the 'right' decisions, not 100% sure lah cos I didn't use a walkthrough and depended on my instincts. Imagine my relieved when I figured out the reason I kept getting the bad end and finally shot successfully. -__- I had this exact face on when I thought I was finally getting the good end but she got shot again lol turns out it's part of the good end and she survives.

Guai guai followed the order after Kei and went for Enomoto. I like his red tied up hair design and he's such a cute idiot. Imagine wearing an eyepatch not cos he lost it in a fight/during missions but because he respects Date Masamune!!! Wth guy, half your vision for this? Not much romance going on in his route but he was adorable. Laugh die me when they zoomed in on the rice on his face. His shooting stance quite weird hor. and the bullets like going to drop out. The plot was nice in his route, especially the side characters stories and their actions.

Sasazuka was my least favourite route so far, and I think it's going to stay that way cos the last route is Yanagi's and it's the truth route which is usually fulfilling. Sasazuka is such a kudere and I was not impressed with how he treated the heroine like a pet. Not cute by my standards. The first hug also came out of nowhere. The last scene at this particular sentence made me smug cos he finally felt a little dumb LOL I started to appreciate the ending song properly only during his route. It's a very nostalgic tune. His various sad ends were quite sad and real though.. especially the one where he gave the X day message

I put the CGs together but I must have a separate para for Shiraishi. I was expecting good stuff from his route, from my fb friends' reaction to him. Character design wise, he's alright, better than Sasazuka only though lol. Sly and unpredictable but he changes and becomes a sweet heart. This CG felt like the last happy moment before everything went downhill. That wasn't the sad part. Ironically the sad part came from the happy end.... I cried and cried after she woke up, cried throughout the ending song (cos I have feels for the song already) and even more during the post credit scenes. And continued crying during the short story T______T That is not a happy ending please.

On the last route.. very bu sher de to finish again.. same as norn9 last time. But i've been going out often and feel so tired after work that I dont play much. After I get in bed i'll just play until I can't process words anymore and switch the console off. Was hoping to hear Ichigo from Yanagi but none of that haha..

Shared this 21 inch pizza with friends one weekend, and went to bed0k 85 for lots of food the other weekend. YUM

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Happy Birthday SG!!

Hi everybody, long time no update. I've been meaning to, but never switch on my laptop much.

Let the photos do the talking: First meal cooked with the bf using the air fryer and ingredients bought from sheng shiong! Bai bei! Also visited my labmate's house to see her corgi XD

Went to gardens by the bay last saturday to help out for a shoot and shun bian walk walk. The orchids are beautiful and so vibrant

Been chionging period cube cos I bought a new game hehe saw a friend playing it early in august and I knew it was coming to shops already. Last wednesday when walking around, I specially went to TOG and when I saw it on the shelf I gave a small scream and took it immediately, in case someone else comes and takes it while i'm in shock hahaha.

Anyways I've not been posting much about period cube cos I haven't been playing consistently. The characters unfortunately didnt appeal to me much.. Astrum-- nah, Hiroya-- ok ok but very average plot. Libera-- bleh and his plot was bleh too T_T I find him the weakest link in the game. 

Character design wise, Zain of course got my attention he's so dainty and pretty. Plot wise though... urgh. I was all ready to get into his story and be swept off my feet T__T whyyyyy

Radius's route had the best start, though it was another typical route, still enjoyable.

Shiki's route held the true end.... and explained the motives. It was kinda disturbing but putting the disturbing things aside, I was quite taken with him in the end and grew to like his voice along with the character design. Glad I ended the game on this note. The music was good, I enjoyed it better than code realise and hakuouki lol. Norn9 is still my favourite so far.

I immediately started on collar X malice woohoo!! I've also stopped Amnesia for the time being, cos I haven't been on the laptop alot. It's still on my mind and I love that feeling of having games waiting to be played. Given the kind of games I go for, it's just like reading a book, only you get to make your choices and explore different endings.  

Holiday is over.. back to work tmr!