Sunday, 14 January 2018

How long will such coolness last

Saved as draft for too long.. quite busy the past weeks as band prac started and after the first shitty prac, I’ve been spending every night on the music scores the past week.

Speaking of shitty band prac, I blew up at the bf last sat night cos he was being extremely irritating. From the start, he had offered to come to school with me and wait for prac to end and have dinner together. So sweet right lol. It's his first time at the ut0wn and he went to look for some place to camp after watching me enter the prac room. When prac just started he texted "Let's play a game" and sent a photo of some random unlabeled back door. I ignored cos I didn't want to play along with the retarded game.

During break, I messaged him and wanted to know where he was since we bought a snack earlier which I assumed was for me to eat during the super short break. Plus I wanted to see him lah. He refused to tell me properly where he was camping at, ask him what level, where, he also just use sticker to reply. If he thought that was funny, he really needs a slap cos I spent the break running up and down the levels trying to find him and didn't even go toilet. I could have used the time to prac more or stuff but wasted it running up and down like idiot while he replied with bloody stickers and even stopped replying after a bit. DAMN irritated, i just threw my phone aside and went back to my instrument. He had the cheek to send me a photo of the snack after my break was over.

By the time prac ended, I felt ok already. After struggling with my section mate's stuck mouth piece , rushing keeping the instruments and ready to leave, once again he started the bloody game of hide and seek. I told him clearly I was at the piano (someone was playing loudly on it at that time and we clearly spoke about the piano before prac started so he damn well knows where the piano is). Again he sent me a photo, this time at least with the name of the auditorium and I immediately stormed over and saw him still sitting at the table right at the corner. HELLO I was rushing to keep my stuff and told you where I was you still sit there havent pack up. DAMN ANGRY ALREADY.

Showed my displeasure and nagged him but kept it cool cos I was hungry and Im sure he was too and we were still in school where there were shou2 ren2 around. Again, he just pretend nothing happen and not a single apology. I let it slide.

At night after he left I thought more about what happened and I couldn't tahan any more. Kinda exploded over the messenger and wth he said I was taking my frustration out on him cos I didn't play well and told me not to join band next time. DAMN ANGRY AGAIN. My music standard, my problem. No need someone who has from the start shown very little interest in my music to tell me whether to join or not. Summore he was the initial supportive one telling me to join and wanting to come and wait for me. Then came the excuse like "you know the school better than me" and still no apology until I stated clearly I wanted one. The whole time I was just lying in bed in tears cos I felt so wei3 qu1. Typing this incident again made me angry. Perhaps extra anger built up cos I played badly and the instrument equipment were not good (we need to pay for extra reeds nvm, but no straps wth!!) but even now when I think back, most of the anger was at him and not at my music. Even if he didn't understand initially, I explained my anger and he still wanted to push the blame. That's too much.

Ytd’s prac was much better cos we established that he would be sitting at the same spot. Playing wise also improved as I looped both pieces on YouTube so many times and was able to follow the conducting. I also managed to get a strap and changed a reed. Some reeds I swear are thicker than usual or sth and impossible to play properly with. Since my lung power has never been good, I’m super sensitive to these “bad” reeds. Don’t believe I’m the only one though :( 
Another change I got to deal with is switching to the tenor sax due to lack of players... have been putting it off and not playing it, but I spent the last week studying the tenor score. The pitch difference will still throw me off for sure but if the reed cooperates I should be able to play decently. Will see how next prac.

On to happier stuff.. I gave up and started playing lyzzr because it looked too good. I’m progressing slowly, at chapter 4. Here are some screenshots from when I just started
First call was from XM and he was lovely.. the game concept is kinda like mystic messenger but more grinding involved, and not real time. This is better as we can play at our own pace. Of course another diff is that I can understand the game wahaha

This was the scene where BQ swept me off my feet. He did that to a million other players too. He is too cool ahhhhhhhhh I want to see more of him! I'm not into chinese voice actors but I recognised his immediately and my love for both characters voiced by ahjie has grown. Anyways my luck with the cards have not been good but I will persist..... as best as I can. If I can’t get good cards, I’ll just turn to the fan fiction side to get my dose of stories hahaha

I bought 2 tubes nail foils to try out since they were cheap and look so pretty. Unfortunately my nail polish and top coat couldn’t stick the foil. Have ordered some cheap nail glue and wait for them to come. I think my choice of nail foil design won’t give the best visual results but let’s see how they actually turn out first before thinking about selling and buying new designs.


Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year’s Eve

Quite unhappening since it’s been raining all day and I’ve nothing much I want to do at home.. I played games, unsewn dragon... now I’m re-watching season 1 of March comes in like a lion cos season 2 has been awesome.

Stocked up on my fave étude house lip tint plus another colour. Managed to sell my initial wrong purchase so I feel more justified buying again though the bf was like -_-
My Xmas present to myself this year... cos it was on half price and I found the colours so pretty and it’s a great brand with good reviews for this product. I need to stop buying eyeshadows le. No more no more 

Went to gudetama cafe again and the food is still as good. Shouldn’t have ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon though, Cos it was not a hot dish and I was so cold. The dessert was meh, don’t bother with the ramen dessert

Since I was on carousell to get rid of my wrong lip tints, I shun bian out up period cube for sale. Before I sell of any of my games I just wanted to savour my collection so far.. not including world of ff, taiko no tatsujin and a few other non otome games.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Yay for the long weekend! I've had quite a happening week, gbtb on wednesday, party on saturday night, and going out for hot pot later.

Went with a group of friends to the christmas wonderland at gbtb on wednesday. We bought the package for the Savour village, $27 for entry, some priority pass and $20 of food vouchers. It was a long walk from the main entrance and when we reached the food area, we were famished! I was initially disappointed at the pricey food and small serving, each person could only get 2 food items. Luckily there were 5 of us and we pooled our food. I ended the night feeling quite full and the food was really really good!
My first buy was the lobster balls with bonito flakes. Cant go wrong with this lah, it was good. I asked for more bonito flakes cos they gave very little at first. Wouldn't have insisted if they didn't include bonito flakes in item title hehe.

My second buy was the turkey burger which I thought wasn't quite worth $12. There was too much bun vs the burger ingredients. The patty was fine but otherwise quite plain. The store offered some interesting sauces to go with their fries though. On the right was some flat bread with smoked meat and salad. I only had 1 mouth of it so not much impression. The risotto though!!! It was so yummy and the cheese chips were special and tasty.

My friends came back with a beef don (right) which they claimed was too dry. The pork belly was served with some yummy black paste and the cheese chips. It was good!! The main protein for that night came from the half spring chicken and roasted potatoes. 

We had $20+ to spend and used it on a dessert, a sorbet(not in photo) and another bowl of the awesome risotto. It was a daily special and instead of risotto rice, they used some kind of pasta which had a wonderful texture. The whole bowl was cheesy and flavourful. I would want to eat it again..... some day...... Wonder how much the full serving would cost loll
Chii enjoyed herself that night! Btw that's my friend's Chii... I totally forgot to bring her out that night. I will bring mine out later since the bf wants to take the street lights at orchard. Chii will be a good model XD

I was looking for a flat comb+mirror set and found a really cheap and cute one on Lazada. It was shipped from hk but I received it earlier than expected. Look at how cute it is.

Received some really cute xmas gifts wwe should have these all year round XD

Monday, 18 December 2017

Chance to gain weight

It’s the most buffetful time of the year~~

Work has been quite slow as my colleagues were unwell and not around. (Haven’t felt this carefree at work in a long time) it’s a good break! Hope the new week brings new ideas and progress!

Started on my next cosplay project which is due in January.. making a pet dragon in chibi form. It looks like an angry grey ball. I purchased these materials and it has been slow because I’m lacking the felt and fur.. probably can make it rounder. Also no idea how to make use of the shiny cloth. The dragon’s supposed to have a gradient but I can’t find a suitable sock so nvm lah.

Attended a friend’s bday party at dte on Saturday and shun bian went for another chalet at the area. Wahaha so happening. There’s also comic fiesta at kl this weekend but the bf didn’t want to go as he has no leave yet and a weekend trip would be too rushed. I would have loved to go though.. abit jealous looking at all my friends’ photos there. But I also have no more leave to clear so nvm lah. 
This is big chi which belongs to my friend. She has a smaller one and also gave me one for my bday last year.. I should bring my chi out more... the next overseas trip she shall come along! Anyways big chi looks abit dirty here and I was also warned not to smell her hahahaha XD

Monday, 11 December 2017

Fulfilling week

Carried out the first out of Office event on Friday and it was ultimate saikang.. from logistics to cleaning up lol the regulation was that rubbish had to be disposed off site so my colleagues and I lugged the garbage bag across the road to a rather filthy rubbish collection area. So tired after that we took a moment to rest in the car. So thankful my colleague has a car. What will happen if she transfers department ahh I can’t and don’t want to imagine. We had a coffee appreciation segment and this is my first latte pour. The teacher just took my hand holding the milk and did the pouring hahaha still counted lah 

The left atrium abit weak LOL

Met the yyyys after that for dinner and listened to yz’s story and witnessed the test of true love . Hope to see the ring next time. 

Met Mel for lunch on Saturday at atas Gordon rams@y restaurant and we went to EOY after that. Some photos of the food

The apple black berry crumble was yums and I would want to eat it again!

As I had missed afa, I was inclined to spend more and specially withdrew more cash the previous day. The merchandise didn’t disappoint! These are my loots and half of them went to the bf. Xmas present for him considered settled hahaha

The hxh standee is of course mine. Gonna display it in office like an award XD

Attended a cosplay couple’s wedding today, the bf and I know both bride and groom. Infact it was the bride who asked me to join my first ever cosplay group back in nus as ccs bubbles (the one where I was the mermaid) and subsequently the fairy tail team (long green hair girl with a hat wearing black tube). The bf was in both teams but we didn’t talk much until later on. So in a way she did match make us? Took a lot of photos at the photo booth. Haha we went to gai gai at orchard after that and watched the animation fireworks movie. Verdict is don’t bother watching bah.. 
here’s a selfie.. I looked better in this 3rd attempt though the bf also captured the whole aisle and everyone there -_-
Anyways this wraps up the week and it was a good one!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Long absence

Bleh the blogger app no longer worked and I deleted it.. seldom on my laptop to blog properly and it’s too hard to use safari from my phone. Finally got down to search for another blogger app. Hope this will work well! Long post ahead

So my birthday came and went, had less cake than last year and didn’t manage to claim my birthday half day off as it was crazy busy in the new dept. The bf got me a bracelet! It’s hard to wear though.. quite an ordeal in the morning when rushing 

Update for my game— got the other new ssr but not much luck after that.. it seems the point of this game has boiled down to collection of ssrs.. sad

The company had a carnival to celebrate an award during the 2nd week of Nov and there were plenty of activities and food to collect....... including a multi coloured cotton candy! Super pretty 

On that same day, my onlinepurchase arrived and it’s this beautiful cushion foundation which was so attractive and cheap. Very happy with the purchase I could stare at the sparkly stars all day 

A few days later, I went on leave and flew to Bangkok with my family to meet up with the Msia relatives. First time in Bangkok and I didn't do much research as trips with my Msia relatives are usually just following and shopping sprees. I could have gotten more out of the trip but my relatives couldn’t walk that much.. it’s ok!! I’ll definitely be back and explore more of the place. We didn’t eat much Thai food nor visited the famous night markets or temples. Here’s a photo of the atas macaroons my cousin bought. The strawberry candy one tasted to good with a marshmallow center and remained crunchy even after a few days, cos of the sugar. Def my fave out of all of them.
Didn’t buy much clothes but my best buy was a new bag for work. The smaller bag was given by my aunt after we went back Penang XD she bought it together with me in bk but was so nice to give it to me Cos I was looking for another smaller one. I needed an image upgrade including my clothes and thus my bag. The prev kitty backpack was alright but abit kiddish to pair with some clothes.. also influenced by my colleagues who are dressed so elegantly. Don’t want to look like an ugly duck beside them.. eg I only realised both sides of my shoes were torn when I went to an external venue to meet a facilitator.. never felt more lousy -_- I guess making the effort to dress better would also help in my confidence level since I’m facing the directors straight now.

Anyways it rained a few days during my bk trip so it wasn’t too hot overall. The rain puddles made my pants dirty though x_x some breakfasts were also settled at the roadside stalls with seating area.. one of them was really filthy I lost my appetite whenever I caught sight of the floor hahaha just keep looking up.

Shopping was much more comfortable in Malaysia and I managed to get abit more clothes there. Just see the photos hor..
We made Bao, my masterpieces very obvious XD

Zaizai is good! He anyhow peed again and got caned. Also it appears that dog filters won’t work on dogs haha

New babies in the Tan family!! They are sooooo adorable and the younger one (right) has such smooth and fair skin, my hand looked super haggard petting him cos of the colour diff lol

Awesome food everywhere, both bought and Home cooked. My aunt cooks amazingly

Flew back to sg on Wednesday and watched justice league with the bf that night. Yesterday night after work he jioed me to gardens by the bay with his Mum and sis to view the winter wonderland lights and see the xmas deco in the flower dome. Very nice! But year after year I think there’s no longer the surprise element. Would not pay for this again next year unless got something completely new.

Just now we went to miffy cafe at bugis! Food was average and the cafe was small =X not unexpected


XD they look alike!!! With the spot on the face

Saturday, 28 October 2017

End October

This was from last last week where I went with the bf to search for cloth at Bug1s and Chinat0wn. Super sunny day I probably became darker. We've been trying our hand at the kino shounen jump gacha, I was aiming for Gon, Jotaro and Yusuke (out of respect to Togashi) Tried a total of 3 times over 2 days and Not bad sia.. we got Yusuke and Jotaro! and Gin san which the bf took. Decided to stop short of my Gon inc case we got the niku guy which nobody wants haha

From last saturday where the bf dragged me to s3ngkang for the gundam fair. He bought these for me cos they were so cute, can display during CNY. Very easy to fix! 

Jap@n food fair with the bf and friends yesterday. Walked so much again and had so much alcohol samples. Legs were aching and in the middle of the afternoon I ran out of stamina, we chilled at the foodcourt where I took a short nap. Must be the alcohol also.

Anyways I've been transiting more to the new department the past week and gone are my go home at 530pm days. The colleagues at the new dept come to work and leave later, sometimes got to match with the director's timings and they definitely dont end work so early. I've taken to waking up 20mins later and mentally convincing myself that my end work time is after 6. No bitterness at all, other than the 2 days where I left at 7+. It's damn depressing to come to work at 8 and leave so late where the sky is dark and feel so hungry, with this amount of pay. But more importantly, I was irrirated those 2 times due to the kind of thing I was staying back for, literally sitting beside my colleague to look through her slides together again and again, and crafting the email containing the slides for directors to clear, it's not even an actual submission. omg just typing about it makes me start to boil. This kind of peanuts also spend so much time, productiveness can definitely be improved.

That aside, everything is going well for now and I know how to protect myself. I'm willing to put in the time and effort but they should be spent on meaningful things and not be overly OCD over the smaller stuff.