Saturday, 18 March 2017

Flying to taiwan later

Long overdue post which was saved as draft for more than a week ahaha

I bought it! Finally... was expecting this as my bday present last year but the bf claimed that he couldn't find it in stock anywhere. I couldn't wait for him to give it to me anymore. went ahead and bought it XD I love it so far. The stories are concise and not too long winded, the art is beautiful and the cast is amazing. I specially included the back part of the game cos it shows all 9 guys hehe

Though I've had my eyes on Itsuki (bottom row 2nd from right) for the longest time, I went along with the game recommendation and chose Kakeru for the first guy ^_^ Along the way, Heishi really caught my eye and just nice he was the recommended guy for the next heroine so I chose him hapilly.

Look at this cutie.. Heishi is such a pure and honest guy, I shed a drop of tear during his route (like really 1 drop only).. He had confessed to the heroine but due to circumstances, the heroine had to erase his memory of that day. Even after knowing that she erased his memory but not remembering that he had already confessed once, he confessed again, using pretty much the same words T________T Sounds lame hor but I was very touched by his sincerity and love

It has been a busy week at work.. Everything was alright before friday lunch. I had anticipated the heavier work load and managed to clear them in good time. Some little shit happened and then more shit followed but it was all alright. My boss even bought me a small cake to show her appreciation (it got squashed T_T) Then a time bomb got set off again.. That particular system project just has to come back and haunt me.. I thought I was done with it but now there's a problem with the payment urghhhhh it's not even the technical part lolllllll I had to ask a colleague from the IT side whom I barely know and has nothing to do with it to help liaise cos I won't be in office the coming week. 100% my incompetency. Left office on friday close to 7pm and felt like shit even though I was already in holiday mood during lunch after my presentation.. I still feel lousy now but I think i'll be better when I reach the airport later.

Cosplay seems so far away now, the group photo finally materialised! We look amazing~~~~ Please ask for my permission before reposting. Edits by hoshiki.
Met the YYYs for dinner on thursday and had a good laugh planning the gate crash games and a potential hen's night. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Work has been tiring the past week strangely I'm not feeling too relieved that it's Friday tomorrow cos time is just passing too quickly.. Quite scary, and there's many things to do.

The highlight for today is this:

4 months minus 5 days after my 1st SSR summon, I drew my 2nd one. Long story short, I was already super drained from work and opened facebook to see a ton of ppl posting about summoning SSR. Felt super shitty cos I really wanted one... and I just wasn't getting it. Kept seeing their posts -_-

Was complaining to the bf who has high SSR luck cos he manages summons them all the time. He told me about his newly discovered pattern from looking at the summoning announcements (the system announces every summon which is SR and above) At first I was confused and used quite a number of tickets only to get R and SR summons-heart pain- these tickets are super precious.. I happened to have so many tickets to spend like this cos the game gives consolation money after every 100 summons with no SSR. And I had just received the big consolation prize which gives money for 33 tickets. Maktub. The normal me wouldn't have had enough tickets even to try. Maktub must post the screenshot again.

So after studying the announcements and trying a few more times, I summoned it. I do think it's still based on luck and numerous other factors cos there are so many players summoning at the same time. I am satisfied for now and extremely thankful to the bf cos my wish actually came true, and having no SSR was the reason for my shitty mood after work today. 

Anyways was supposed to meet the bf last sat to go travel fair but he had stomach flu again (???) because of that I didn't get to go Etude house for the 20% discount which ended last sunday and failed to use my gongcha voucher that my colleague gave me.

I went with my mum on sunday instead and bought the fragrance. I've been meaning to buy it, just waiting for the discount only. Super love that smell, already finished one bottle. Though my friend told me that's the bottle she puts in her toilet HAHA nvm I still like it. 
Took the chance to become a member finally cos only needed to spend $50 vs the usual $80. Bought skincare and an eyebrow kit in addition to the fragrance. Didn't spend on anything unnecessary :D

Browsed Etude house again on wed and saw that a new series has launched! I purely wanted to swatch the gloss tints only but I saw this particular one ahahaha $9.90 and the bf paid for it. I promise the colour and texture looks 100X more lovely in real life. It has this shimmer glitter thing where the rest were just solid colours. They also had 2 colour changing glitter ones but I thought the light one was too light and the darker shade didn't change colour well. So I opted for this.

Taiwan trip is coming in 3 weeks. I finally got down to looking at the nitty gritty details about the transport and booked the 4G wifi rental. If the website is good, i'll get the train tickets from there too. Trying to prepare and purchase more things now so we have more twd to spend on food and play. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Belated V day post

We went to Marche and had my favourite rosti. He bought me a bunch of roses in a ntuc plastic bag with some water at the bottom LOL We got rid of the plastic bag and had to trim the stem for it to fit in my bag-- the flowers still stick out but at least shorter. Can't believe he brought a pair of scissors  out specially to trim them??

Met up with lab mates and had yoogane which I really enjoyed. Super nice and awesome that the chef cooks your food in front of you. It made the food extra appetizing.

 I think you can tell who's the better photographer here. He chose the filter though, it's bad :X

Been diligently PVPing during lunch time and I met a person with the exact team set up today! Amazing but he's 3 levels higher and his goldfish heals 5k... I can't compete with that

It's appreciation d@y at work today!!! I totally forgot about it what a pleasant surprise. The organizers brought in arcade machines omg it was amazing. There were booths giving away free food too. This appreciation event happens once or twice a year I can't remember but it's the first time we had arcade games. I totally ignored the food this time ahaha There were a few more games eg house of the dead and metal slug but I only took photos of these two ahaha. Also could leave at 430pm on the last friday of each month. Totally awesome

Sunday, 12 February 2017

CNY is over

Friends I have proven to myself that I can not just write but type prophecies while half asleep...........

I thought all new additions to the house had ended but nope-- changed aircon for 2 rooms and added an aircon to the 3rd room. Mum was considering adding for the living room but I was very against it cos it's not like we use alot, why waste the money. The previous aircon is as old as I am... We really seldom use air con, but it's nice to get new ones. Heard from mum that they're really quiet and cools the room very quickly. Can't wait to try them XD but these few days quite cooling.

Meow meow says hi.
 I've recovered from my flu and survived a busy week. Challenged myself and ordered this army stew during lunch on friday (cos the other dishes all had beef haha) and I did quite a good job finishing it :) 

Tw trip is coming! The rates have been quite bad but no choice got not much time already. I'll aim to change just enough for the trip but how much is enough lol Looking forward to the break from work and waking up naturally..... 1 month and 1 week more.. jia you! But after that I have no more planned breaks for the year T_T I think I am thinking too far and feeling sian too early haha

OHYA btw I deleted fb messenger and whatssap temporarily again to make space for mystic messenger.... there's a valentine's day special ending and I really wanted to read all.. Will also be hard working and finish up Jumin, Jaehee and 707's christmas stories ahaha I got lazy and deleted the game before starting on them last time.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Happy CNY

Visiting is over~ all done in day one actually. Missing my mum's side of the relatives.

I fell sick again.. felt something lodged in my throat last sunday the entire evening and I already knew that was the start of a cough/flu. Sure enough the next day my nose started running and I had to stop eating all goodies. T__T I ate too much kuey bankit at night while watching my drama and didn't drink enough water cos you can't constantly drink water while sleeping mah.. Totally my fault.. I knew how to prevent it but still let it happen. 

Speaking of drama, finished watching Goblin during the cny break and cried so much for the last few episodes......... The female lead looks like yuhsuan hahaha. I'm on a drama spree and have left anime alone for now.  

Was not super sick this time, but I had not slept well that week and was considering to take MC on friday. Alas on thursday, my small boss asked over the communicator if I wanted to take on a project, likely to be long term, and I said yes. There was already a meeting the next day OTL and I had to take minutes T_T it was at 430pm T____T. Was feeling quite sian cos there was no way the meeting could end by 5pm (my go home time on fridays) and it involved a lot of big shots (stressssss). 

Luckily there is justice around XD on friday morning-- my big big boss went to my big boss's room and exclaimed that a meeting on friday should start earlier, not at 430pm if not it should be postponed. XDXDXD I was like YES!!! at my desk. In the end the meeting was brought forward to 330pm and ended at 5. I managed to complete half the minutes, just nice in time to meet a friend for dinner who passed me these, together with a LINE ezlink card.
Maktub lah, If it wasn't for the meeting, I would have taken MC and therefore rejected her invitation to meet. With my new gains I will disinfect and display them in office :)))))

Went to the bf's house yesterday and we did some shopping before heading over. While buying gong cha, spotted these adorable macaroons for sale at the shop beside-- $30 for 8 and the designs are so cute! They looked better in real life haha. Same shop as where I saw the cookie monster during christmas. Last year I bought cupcakes over, this year I have this. Quite presentable, not bad not bad -pats back-
 His sisters and mum liked these so i'm glad. His dad is very quiet so I don't know what he thinks XD I know by default he was given the gold nugget HAHA

We also bought the couple LINE tees from uniqlo. I bought this face shop purple glitter polish on thursday! I've actually been eyeing this for a long time but never bought it, until my friend bought 2 bottles of nail polish while we were browsing so I thought why not!! I love how glittery the polish is, looks more purple in real life though not too striking, exactly what I need XD happy with this purchase :)))

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Just saw a lizard behind my piano

Can you see the double rainbow in the first picture ^^

What are the chances, was playing the game and pvping real time against all the players in the china server. And the system paired me against the bf XDXD We were using the exact same characters to fight loll He forfeited the battle immediately after it started. But if we were to battle, I really cant tell who would win, because his his rabbit is faster but my yuki has higher freezing rates and my lighter is probably faster.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Happy post turned angry -_-

Busy week at work and it'll only get busier. Starting on something new next week and hope it all goes well! In addition to covering for a colleague. Received cupcakes from a colleague cos I helped to extract some data multiple times.. I felt so bad.... perhaps I only made it seem like a lot of work cos I was bad at it..... :( Also helped in the filming for the coming company lunch so exciting!

I'm still playing yys everyday and waiting patiently for another SSR to come. please please please come already

CNY is coming! Took this photo from the pasar malam near the station. So cute and quite cheap but I have enough plushies already...... No more. Digging out new clothes from my prev shopping spree to wear. I'll prob run out of stock and need to buy more this year for the next cny.

Curtains are coming on tuesday-- this is the living room design. The ones in the room are a medium purple. I finally have proper curtains and don't need to hang up jackets/cloth to block out the sun any more. First time in 25 years. After the curtains come, my house 'reno' is officially completed. Ready for the new year. 

I'm so glad that the toilets are completed, cannot stress enough, it was a very very tough 12 days. Horror story ahead.

1. Dirt dust and sand everywhere
The path from the door to the master bed room, and from the door to the kitchen had a piece of plastic sheet covering it. We wore slippers at those areas and took them off only when entering the bed room or the taped up part of the living room. The sand still flew in anyways (especially in the living room) and whenever I felt sand in my slipper I would feel super grossed out, which was everyday. There was so much dust/fine stone/ whatever the drilling produced, my throat was always dry when I woke up and my nose peeled pretty badly for a week after the reno ended.
2. No proper toilet 
a) We had a portable toilet in the kitchen and temporary toilets at the void deck but I only bathed downstairs about 3 times in the entire 10 days. Reach home so tired from work or so late at night already I didn't want to step out of the house again and there might be a queue if you're going during the peak period -_- makes me wonder how many households they're renovating at the same time. Plus I had to pack all the toiletries to bring down and it was so troublesome. Also insecure about meeting people with my hair pinned up and looking so cui lol. The picture looks bad but it was actually better than that. My mum said that some cubicles were filthy tho :( Not bathing downstairs and using the portable toilet was my own choice so I zi zuo zi shou for the below para.

b) The portable toilet in the kitchen was super small and had no hot water. It was super dirty as well with all the sand/small stones jamming up the sliding door, making it hard to close and open. The floor was extremely grainy I refused to let my bare feet touch the ground aka wore slippers while bathing. Some times the grainy things still get in tho :((( The toilet bowl was disgusting I could not bring myself to touch it at all, had to half squat to pee every morning. Had to bring toilet paper every time cos there was no place to put a roll of paper. No flush also-- can only use to do small business and use the shower head to give it a good rinse. There was this constant damp smell T__T I got phobia of this smell already. Also brushed teeth using a pail of water from the tap outside. 

3. -ANGERY- lol this renovation was at a very unfortunate period of time-- spanned over christmas and ended one day before new year. Which meant that my new year holiday gone cos need to clean up. 2 holidays fu**ing gone, and I had to live with this for 12 days (other ppl who never kena this period at most only 11 days) in total though it's supposed to finish in 10 working days, due to xmas holiday and the off in lieu. Really full of anger at this... The contractors really should have planned and avoided the holidays. I know they are working and all during this period also but really bad planning, probably to meet the completion deadline. WTH they probably went ahead with this knowing that the unlucky households who kena will complain. My period also came on the 2nd or 3rd day of the renovation and that made things worse.

There is no fair or not fair to talk about but I do blame the planners for choosing to continue during the festive period, did they not think about the inconvenience for the households who kena this timing? They could have started renovation on the block earlier and finished the whole area earlier. We did the voting months ago and waited for so long with no news. 

wth the more I describe the more angry I get. I know it's super whiny :(((((((((( Need to be more appreciative of what I'm blessed with and not get so agitated over such things. Glad I have this place to rant.