Thursday, 15 March 2018

Draining work planning week

Work was at its peak last week.. Though things are supposed to look better this week, it hasn't quite because new things keep coming in. I think my colleague will die of fatigue if this goes on. Am on course today and tomorrow but will return to office in the afternoon tmr for a meeting. I need to buck up cos my standard still very far from my colleague and I think it's draining her T___T she keeps saying i'm amazing but she is the amazing one please... 

Spotted my mao mao on sale at chinatown

Rest of my week in cards, mostly pieced together using fragments, no luck with new SSRs recently.

Special mention for the lzy event which ended and my calculations were just right to get the card. Awakened him pretty soon :D

So lovely

Of course I bought tickets. I think I got the best seats for cat2 cos I was so fast. Luckily I follow his official fb account and the notification was the first thing I saw when I went on fb after work. This is probably all I'll spend on concerts this year. First time i'm spending on mandarin pop concerts too XD 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Been cabbing home after midnight alot the past week

Uploading 2 posts at the same time wahaha

Another xumo sprite with a stunning background, and my awakened lizeyan mahjong card. Still far from the next awaken.. and I’m hoping to get the event card now...... it’s a beautiful lizeyan 放天灯 card.. love at first sight.
Tried the chocolate pie.... love it! Tried the new fish burger and the new kfc burger today— those were normal only though.

Mel asked me along for an urb4n d3cay meet and greet session with a YouTube+Instagram star who launched a collaboration product. Nice colours but I really don’t need another palette. So didn’t get anything. Abit awkward during the meet and greet Cos I didn’t know who the star was but she was very nice and gave me a tight hug XD We then had hoshino coffee after that.

Also made plans to meet the next day aka where Mel visited my house and I visited hers. Played overwatch and tried almost all the characters wahaha no clear favourite but it’s cool. I might consider getting the game after I get a new laptop.

Next week is going to be crazy... I hope it goes well, don’t drag till the rest of March and that I survive

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Crowd Lu concert

More screenshots from my game.. no new cards cos i've no gems ahaha 

Crowd Lu's concert was great! He was so funny and cute he managed to charm the bf as well. Bf commented that Crowd's songs sound better live than from youtube. Of course lah! It was too bad the concert was only 1 hour+ still got so many songs never sing. I saw a band friend before concert started and signaled to him 'li mian jian'. Later that night I scrolled fb after getting home and to my envy he had a photo with Crowd cos he bought the VIP ticket. The next day during band he told me that he bought the last one. Wahlao bo jio.. In fact another band mate also attended the concert but both of them bojio me. In the end my ticket not as good as theirs -_-

I skipped on a steamboat cny gathering with friends to attend the concert and they had a second round at the west at a friend's house. One of them convinced me to go for 2nd round and even alighted at clementi to cab with me-- that was close to 11pm. I went anyways hahaha cos havent bathe and still nuaing on the sofa when my friend asked. Got home at 3+am that night wahaha

Monday, 19 February 2018

Lovey week

Pampered by the long weekend and v day.. also an eventful week in game— I got an SSR from a free gem draw! Special affinity for luoluo.. both my SSRs are him. Also chionged for the vday event and got the card.. I would have wanted to give the other guys a chance but there’s only Baiqi option. It’s ok!!!

I initially wanted to save my gems for the next event but I was too tempted and did the 10x draw. Of course my fat hope of getting the cny SSRs were indeed fat and neither came. My luck was still not bad and I got 2 new SRs. Really needed the lzy one, now he ties with xumo as my least number of SR guy. Will be able to score better for his dates. Luoluo is too cute when he looks like that. 

Of course highlight for last week was vday. The bf had his staff lunch that day and could leave early. I was incredibly busy at work (and will continue to be until mid March) but I threw everything and left at 6. He had a very nice bouquet for me ^_^ last year was cold storage roses in an ntuc bag and he had to cut the stem to fit them in my bag. Dunno whether he was joking or not but he said he wanted to get from cold storage this year but they didn’t have -__- 

Cny was good though I feel like I didn’t eat a lot Cos steamboat is troublesome and I’m generally uncomfortable at my grandparents place. Hot and afternoon+evening sunand I was afraid I would dirty my white dress lol. I’m generally ok with my grandparents place lah but always abit Sian to stay there the whole day. But I’ve been doing that on chu yi all my life, nothing different this year.

Chu er we had visitors at my house and the bf also came over as I would be visiting his aunt’s house at clementi at night. Yeaa breakthrough visit to meet people outside of his family and some relatives referred to me as the legendary gf. I felt like a dragon hahahaha also saw dabing at the aunt’s house

Oh yea I forgot to mention I awakened my second card in game... like finally. It’s the one of my husband and he looks so good. Refreshing to see the guys frown/in pain vs the usual smiles and laughs. I sometimes think I’m more of a sadist oops hahaha

Sunday, 11 February 2018

CNY next week

Let my beautiful cards do the talking.. The game knows which is my favourite guy, I have only 2 measly SRs of him and the 3rd one was a repeat -_- so this round of cards did not feature him


More progress in yys.. one of the starters finally came to me.. with the help of the event feature where the ssr you get will be a new one. I am pleased

Also successfully collected all the nura fragments and summoned him wahahah

Last week I turned on the radio and heard the key words— crowd lu, huayij1e and went to google immediately... was only expecting a guest performance with other celebrities but he’s having a solo concert! Bought tickets on the very same day wahaha.. with 3 weeks to spare, it’s a very late purchase and the ideal seats have of course been snapped up. But nvm I have confidence in esplanade acoustics and hopefully there’s a close up video broadcast on the screen. Going with the bf who very kindly offered to accompany me since no one in my friend list wants to go ahaha but I pay for his tickets lah. Hope he enjoys the music
Why did I hear about this so late.... tickets sales started in November!  Maybe I was too busy a while back and didn’t turn on the radio and the organizer probably started advertisement on the radio quite late too.

Sunday, 28 January 2018


Thought I posted last week but I guess not!

Mum flew to Penang last Sunday— 8 am flight and I woke up at 5am to accompany her to the airport. When going home, I realised EW line was closed at the east and it was too early for train service anyway. Luckily there was an airport shuttle to bug1s. I reached clementi at 8 and bought mad breakfast yummyyyyy and the weather was so good I went back to sleep till 10+
Then I met some friends for tea and ended up watching the greatest showman and having a late dinner at ps kopitiam. The initial plan was just to have tea and I was pondering how to settle dinner so it all turned out well. The movie was good too!!! Lovely songs.

Last sat was my grandad’s bday celebration and I had casually asked the bf to come along. I didn’t expect him to agree but he did! Wahaha I left early from band prac and met him at bug1s to get a cake. He actually bought birdnest as a gift too!! Score point and he was very guai, greeted everyone haha. No one interrogated him surprisingly XD I think my ahgong got a shock when I presented the birdnest and kept thanking the bf hahaha

Onward to my game....... I’m embarrassed to say but I gave in to temptation and followed a friend in spending real money on it. The structure of the game play makes it not very value for money to spend, as it only helps you have a chance to progress, and does not give special content or a once off story. But spending that money made me so happy and excited, no regrets at all. I went through so much trouble as it’s a china game and I had to go through an agent to log into my account to make the purchase. Wahaha this is prob the craziest thing I’ve done this year so far. Have never spent real $$ in hp games before... It’s good to be working hahaha Here are some screenshots of my lovely cards


And the first shoot of the year is done— simple costume but needs quite abit of work on the wig and dragon ball. I procrastinated a lot, though I started one month in advance, only chionged all the details a few days before hehe. Side view quite cute looks like a piggy.

Distinctive shadow! Of course I don’t look like a pre school child lolll.. we all did our best to act cute but really very hard as my character isn’t a smiley one. Btw this is the ssr which the bf drew for me before we left tw wahaha and also my most commonly used attack ssr. I got special connection to him XD the wig looks good here but it’s currently flat  dead as the bag I used for transport was still too small and squished the spikes.. don’t think I’ll be cosing him again, unless all the hair spray can be washed off for a re-styling but nah... hope the photos turn out good!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

How long will such coolness last

Saved as draft for too long.. quite busy the past weeks as band prac started and after the first shitty prac, I’ve been spending every night on the music scores the past week.

Speaking of shitty band prac, I blew up at the bf last sat night cos he was being extremely irritating. From the start, he had offered to come to school with me and wait for prac to end and have dinner together. So sweet right lol. It's his first time at the ut0wn and he went to look for some place to camp after watching me enter the prac room. When prac just started he texted "Let's play a game" and sent a photo of some random unlabeled back door. I ignored cos I didn't want to play along with the retarded game.

During break, I messaged him and wanted to know where he was since we bought a snack earlier which I assumed was for me to eat during the super short break. Plus I wanted to see him lah. He refused to tell me properly where he was camping at, ask him what level, where, he also just use sticker to reply. If he thought that was funny, he really needs a slap cos I spent the break running up and down the levels trying to find him and didn't even go toilet. I could have used the time to prac more or stuff but wasted it running up and down like idiot while he replied with bloody stickers and even stopped replying after a bit. DAMN irritated, i just threw my phone aside and went back to my instrument. He had the cheek to send me a photo of the snack after my break was over.

By the time prac ended, I felt ok already. After struggling with my section mate's stuck mouth piece , rushing keeping the instruments and ready to leave, once again he started the bloody game of hide and seek. I told him clearly I was at the piano (someone was playing loudly on it at that time and we clearly spoke about the piano before prac started so he damn well knows where the piano is). Again he sent me a photo, this time at least with the name of the auditorium and I immediately stormed over and saw him still sitting at the table right at the corner. HELLO I was rushing to keep my stuff and told you where I was you still sit there havent pack up. DAMN ANGRY ALREADY.

Showed my displeasure and nagged him but kept it cool cos I was hungry and Im sure he was too and we were still in school where there were shou2 ren2 around. Again, he just pretend nothing happen and not a single apology. I let it slide.

At night after he left I thought more about what happened and I couldn't tahan any more. Kinda exploded over the messenger and wth he said I was taking my frustration out on him cos I didn't play well and told me not to join band next time. DAMN ANGRY AGAIN. My music standard, my problem. No need someone who has from the start shown very little interest in my music to tell me whether to join or not. Summore he was the initial supportive one telling me to join and wanting to come and wait for me. Then came the excuse like "you know the school better than me" and still no apology until I stated clearly I wanted one. The whole time I was just lying in bed in tears cos I felt so wei3 qu1. Typing this incident again made me angry. Perhaps extra anger built up cos I played badly and the instrument equipment were not good (we need to pay for extra reeds nvm, but no straps wth!!) but even now when I think back, most of the anger was at him and not at my music. Even if he didn't understand initially, I explained my anger and he still wanted to push the blame. That's too much.

Ytd’s prac was much better cos we established that he would be sitting at the same spot. Playing wise also improved as I looped both pieces on YouTube so many times and was able to follow the conducting. I also managed to get a strap and changed a reed. Some reeds I swear are thicker than usual or sth and impossible to play properly with. Since my lung power has never been good, I’m super sensitive to these “bad” reeds. Don’t believe I’m the only one though :( 
Another change I got to deal with is switching to the tenor sax due to lack of players... have been putting it off and not playing it, but I spent the last week studying the tenor score. The pitch difference will still throw me off for sure but if the reed cooperates I should be able to play decently. Will see how next prac.

On to happier stuff.. I gave up and started playing lyzzr because it looked too good. I’m progressing slowly, at chapter 4. Here are some screenshots from when I just started
First call was from XM and he was lovely.. the game concept is kinda like mystic messenger but more grinding involved, and not real time. This is better as we can play at our own pace. Of course another diff is that I can understand the game wahaha

This was the scene where BQ swept me off my feet. He did that to a million other players too. He is too cool ahhhhhhhhh I want to see more of him! I'm not into chinese voice actors but I recognised his immediately and my love for both characters voiced by ahjie has grown. Anyways my luck with the cards have not been good but I will persist..... as best as I can. If I can’t get good cards, I’ll just turn to the fan fiction side to get my dose of stories hahaha

I bought 2 tubes nail foils to try out since they were cheap and look so pretty. Unfortunately my nail polish and top coat couldn’t stick the foil. Have ordered some cheap nail glue and wait for them to come. I think my choice of nail foil design won’t give the best visual results but let’s see how they actually turn out first before thinking about selling and buying new designs.